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Control box series
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Passenger elevator
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Medical elevator
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Automatic walkway
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It deducts mute,safe,steady,cautious travel

It applies the advanced industrial computer board control and industrial design with novel structure.It features as safe,reliable,smooth travel,convenient operation etc.Elevator car and hoist-way door apply stainless steel hairline for manufacture.They appear deluxe and beautiful.According to the clients'requirements,we can apply single separation panel for multi-separation panel inside the elevator car.It fully utilizes the space to enhance efficiency.

Slideway with novel design

Double section bars special slideway with unique design:The mid part runs through door slider connection.It reinforces the smooth elevator door opening/closing,reduces door clearance.It is convenient for installation and adjustment.

It can satisfy goods transport requirements in different occasions

It is widely applicable for the hotel,restaurant,residence,office building,hospital,shopping center,factory,library,laboratory,postal office satisfy transport of food,dinning ware,dailyproducts,money,medicine,books,instruments,correspondence and so on.

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