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In 1946, Fuji elevator industry corporation of Japan founded Fuji elevator brand and became the first member of the Japanese elevator technology committee. By virtue of the world-leading Fuji frequency conversion technology and Fuji technology's unique technology in the microelectronics industry, Fuji technology has entered the whole elevator market from the early stage of providing electronic components for the elevator industry to providing core components for the elevator industry in Asia region, and won the general recognition of the industry.

In 1996, Fuji elevator entered the Chinese mainland market. Through technical cooperation, Fuji brand elevator has mushroomed in China and developed rapidly, which has greatly promoted the development of China's elevator industry.

Since 2000, Fuji brand elevator has been selected as one of the top ten elevator brands in Asia by the Asian electromechanical brand center.

In 2012, in order to further unified brand, unified technical standard, the pursuit of higher quality, better service, characterized as Fuji Fuji elevator industry, science and technology, injection Fuji in mechanical and electrical products of science and technology and microelectronics industry product design concept, advanced technology and strict quality, standardized production management, the pursuit of technological innovation constantly, grasps the steadfast honest professional spirit, further to provide customers with high reliability, high standard, intelligent landmark product, in order to satisfy people more secure, more comfortable, more intelligent travel environment, contribute to social development and human happiness.

Fuji elevator to "quick service, satisfaction first" for the purpose, in the central city has branches all over the country and service outlets or directly under special service outlets, to form the efficient, fast, and "customer satisfaction" as the core of the service system, with professional skills, professional dedication spirit, to provide customers with the best quality service, improve customer satisfaction around the world.

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